How do you communicate with your clients?

We have Agents who are assigned to potential client.They work round the clock to help our customers come to a decision on acquiring a the properties we have to offer.

Communications occurs through our Tollfree No : +91 9733256780

as well as through E-Mail : which is monityored everyday.Typically replies happen withing 24 hrs except weekends.

Other than that most of our customers meet face to face for optimal communication.

Can I get a free appointment?

Yes all our customers get a free Visit to out current project ” GreenField residency ” in Tarbandha. All you have to do is just give us a call or contact us through the contact form on our website and we will set an appointment as per your convenience.

Do you provide discounts?

No currently there are no such provisions all rates are final, but sometimes prices fluctuate according to the market.

Do you have multiple offices?

Currently our only office is located in City Center, Siliguri, But as we are always expanding we will update our addresses on the website and through email to all our customers.

Does only one representative work with a client?

No, our agents work with multiple clients. But do not get discouraged as our agents are highly trained to tackle any situation.The have always given their 100% to every client we have come across. So rest assured all you queries will be handled by any of Haardit Developers Agents.

What are my guarantees?

We are a highly esteemed organization in Siliguri as such we are not working alone in this endeavor. To serve the peoples need we have joined hands with all the necessary and top Legal executives in Siliguri. Our Legal assurance is 100% tightly bonded.

Have a Questions?

Our Process

Our process is simple, once you inquire about the purchase of the real estate we will typically contact you back within 24hrs with exclusion of Saturdays and Sundays.Our agents will call you and give you all the details about the land you wish to acquire, including booking you a Free Visit of any of our plots at your convenient time.

Our Pricing Terms.

Once the customer has visited the plot and is completely satisfied with his choice.All he has to do is to pay the booking amount which can be negotiated.All the prices on the acquisition of any of our properties available for sale are final. The selling price cannot be negotiated.You can pay the due amount in a standard way as explained by our agents at site.

What happens if you are dissatisfied?

If you have any problems during or after acquisition of one of our properties, you can feel free to contact us any time. Haardit Developers is always with you not against you.We can’t stress enough on the fact that customer satisfaction is our main motto.

How do i Book plots online?

You cab directly book your plots on our website by clicking on the desired plots in any of our projects, only if the availability is FOR SALE. You can pay the initial booking amount online, as directed by the page.

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